SAED Annual Meeting 2011

For the 2011 annual meeting, the SAED returned to it’s “home venue” Solstrand Hotel. Well aware of the outstanding quality of this gem on the Norwegian west coast, 125 participants – members and guests – gathered to celebrate Sverker Toreskog’s 75th birthday on December 31, 2011.
For the first time, two pre-congress courses were offered: clinical photography and hands-on composites.
The get-together reception was held in Solstrand’s art gallery, with a large exhibition of the colourful textile “paintings” made by Agneta Toreskog. Within minutes, the warm atmosphere – the hallmark of the SAED – developed among friends greeting each other and enjoying to meet again.
Dinner Friday night gave us a taste of what to expect from Solstrand’s kitchen: delicious food to spoil us for three days to come.
SAED President Anders Ericson (SE) greeted the audience Saturday morning and introduced Dr. John Besford (UK), moderator and toastmaster of the meeting.
The first lecture was held by Dr. Alessandro Devigus (CH). Dr. Devigus has an impressive CV, is a member of a number associations for esthetic dentistry and the current Editor in Chief of the European Journal of Esthetic Dentistry. Dr. Devigus is a pioneer in the field of CAD/CAM dentistry and is a very experienced user of Cerec. His lecture gave an interesting insight into the possibilities of chair side computerised manufacturing of dental restaurations.
Then it was time for the cause of the celebration, Dr. Sverker Toreskog (SE) to share his long time experience with bonded ceramics. Sverker also gave us a wonderful exposé of his own personal, professional history, starting off in the first class ever of dental students in Umeå.
Sverker was followed by SAED board member (and successful organizer of this year’s meeting) Dr. Erik Svendsrud (N), showing some nice work with bonded porcelain carried out in his general practice. After this highly practical and well documented presentation, Professor Ivar Mjør (N/USA) celebrated Sverker’s achievements from the academic perspective.
One, if not the most important of Sverker’s co-workers, dental technician Claes Myrin (SE) gave a fascinating lecture showing a little of all the excellent work he provided for Sverker during 27 years of close cooperation in a way that surely is an inspiration for all the teams of dentists and technicians present in the auditorium.
After Saturday lunch, we all headed for one of the Congress’ highlights: Sverker’s close friend Professor Bjørn Zachrisson (N). Bjørn is arguably one of the world’s most eminent orthodontists. By showing how he can move teeth, to a degree limited only by imagination, he may also have turned the focus of the auditorium from extensive prosthetic procedures to tissue saving, minimal invasive restorations: less is more!
Sverker has always emphasised that creating beautiful teeth is not enough, you also need healthy soft tissues. Professor Jan Wennström (SE) is Sverker’s long time periodontist and gave us an exposure of what can be achieved with periodontal conditioning and surgery.
Following one of the hands-on courses on Friday, one of the lecturers, Jan Thomsen, went into depth about the longevity of composites made with layering technique.
Following a full day of lectures all participants gathered once again in the hotel’s Gallery, this time all dressed up for the Gala Dinner. Two of Sverker’s absolute favourite artists, Stefan & Kim, entered the stage after dinner and fired off their unique musical performance, like none others! Everyone seemed to be in the mood for party, staying up very late, but yet surprisingly many showed up in time for the Sunday morning programme, starting with Dr. Arne Lund (N) giving an excellent lecture on posterior composites. Bergen native Arne, who together with his wife Margrethe, does a tremendous job organizing the meeting, gave us some very nice proof that of the high quality that can be achieved with composites, carried out in general practice.
Once again, it was time for a speaker from the academic world, Dr. Marit Øilo (N) who gave some interesting numbers and figures about dental ceramics and it’s longevity.
SAED Past President Dr. John Orloff (DK) followed and gave an update on contemporary implant treatment.
Another Past President, Dr. David Winkler (UK) then came on stage and presented a lecture on “ethics in esthetics”, showing a number of cases restored with limited means, still with impressive results, giving proof that compromise along with expectations and wishes of the patient might well be an excellent choice for any clinician.
The Congress’ last speaker was Dr. Hans Sandberg (SE) who took the audience through a mind-boggling journey from dentistry of the days of GV Black to the unknown future, paying tribute to Sverker’s contribution through more than four decades of innovative Scandinavian and international dentistry.
The 2011 annual meeting of the SAED gave strong proof that the core idea of the Academy, offering scientific information of the highest quality combined with social activities in an atmosphere of warm friendship is valid and has a strong potential for the future. 


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