SAED Annual Meeting 2008

The 2008 meeting of the Scandinavian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry was held in the medieval town of Visby, on the Swedish island of Gotland.
If you are lucky, springtime in Visby can be really beautiful; and were we lucky? With sunshine and not a cloud in the sky we could not have chosen a better time or venue for a meeting.
We started out Thursday morning with a golf tournament at Visby Golf Club, wonderfully located on a peninsula by the sea south of Visby. Back at Wisby Hotel, the venue for the congress, SAED members and congress participants, almost 60 altogether, were gathering. A welcome reception was held at the Gotland Museum, just a short walk from the hotel. There, sharing a buffet dinner at tables set between archeological treasures from ancient Gotland, the friendly atmosphere that is the trademark of SAED soon spread, including both newcomers and veteran SAED members. We were helped along with Bacchi Bröder entertaining us, a local group of talented musicians playing everything from Swedish folklore to The Beatles.
Thursday evening established a nice mood in which the next days were to be spent together in Visby. Friday was dedicated to the scientific programme with a full day lecture by Dr. Stefano Gracis who took on a brave task as his co-lecturer cancelled his appearance shortly before the congress. However, Dr. Gracis' lecture was so full of useful information that it was hard to imagine how this could have fitted into the half-day originally intended for him.
Dr. Gracis' main topic was into more detail of anterior guidance, occlusal contact, change of vertical dimension and many other clinical situations were appropriate occlusal diagnosis is of importance for outcome and longevity of treatment.
When Dr. Gracis' lecture ended, three guides were waiting outside the hotel to take us on a city walk in this fascinating town with so many well preserved buildings and fortifications from ancient times when Visby was an important harbour town and a hub in the Hansa trade community. We all enjoyed a tour of sights in the mild spring evening before everyone had to hurry to their rooms to ready for the Banquet Dinner, held in the Hall of Mirrors at Wisby Hotel (were we also had the lectures during day time). The spirit of friendship that we all had experienced the night before, at the Welcome Dinner, made its way even more into this evening and spread among the tables creating a real party.
However, this is an experienced crowd and a late night's partying did not prevent the SAED delegates from joining Professor Christer Dahlin and his lecture Saturday morning. His topic was esthetic driven hard and soft tissue reconstruction in implant dentistry. Being a pioneer in the field of guided bone regeneration he could show us several difficult and challenging cases were treated with various techniques of tissue augmentation, offering excellent predictability.
With lunch on Saturday, the meeting ended with several participants staying in Visby another day, just to enjoy the evening at one of Visby's nice restaurants or taking a trip round the lovely island of Gotland.


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